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Parachute Jasmine Perfumed Non-sticky Coconut Hair Oil


Parachute Jasmine Perfumed Non-sticky Coconut Hair Oil

Parachute non sticky Jasmine oil with coconut oil extracts. It acts as a shield for hair and protects them from sun rays, and impurities of the environment. It boosts hair growth and reduces hair fall.


Instructions for use: apply parachute oil directly to hair, massage your scalp gently, wait at least 30 minutes before washing off. Feel the benefits.

Price: $4.25
2.53 GBP 4.68 CAD 3.07 EUR

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Parachute Scalp Therapie

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Parachute Scalp Therapie, a Hair Fall Solution, with a Unique Root Healing Complex, is a blend of proteins, vitamins, herbs and minerals. The blend penetrates into hair roots, heals damaged roots and controls hair fall.

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Parachute Coconut Hair Oil , Parachute Advance , Hot oil are the secrets of indian hair. For decades Indians in India and around the world have used and relied on Parachute coconut oil. As we are all aware, Indian hair have been acepted around the word for its quality and are in demand all over the world. We now bring you the secret product that the Indian have used for ages... Parachute pure coconut hair oil.
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